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Our History

Since our founding in the United States in 1981, AES has driven energy sector growth and pioneered advances in many markets. Today we stand as a global energy industry leader in innovation and operational excellence with generation and distribution businesses across four continents.

AES first invested outside the United States with the acquisition of Kilroot Power Station in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland, in 1992. We expanded our presence in Northern Ireland in 2010 by acquiring Ballylumford Power Station on Islandmagee. AES is the largest electricity generator in Northern Ireland. In 2016, we generated 11% of energy across the All-Island electricity system, representing 61% of dispatchable generation capacity in Northern Ireland.

Today AES UK & Ireland, led by President Ian Luney, is committed to improving lives through the essential services we provide and the development of innovative solutions for this market, based on AES’ global experience.