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Energy Storage

AES is committed to operational excellence and meeting changing power needs by leveraging new energy solutions to improve the lives of customers. Our new energy solutions include our world-class battery-based energy storage system, Advancion®.

Our leadership in commercial energy storage enables utilities, power markets and renewable developers to manage projects from concept to operation. AES introduced the first grid-scale advanced battery in commercial power market service in 2008 and operates the largest fleet of battery-based storage assets in service today. 

We leverage our energy storage solutions to extend value from existing power infrastructure, increase reserve capacity, fully integration renewable energy, improve the flexibility and reliability of the power system, and meet peak power demand.

Globally, AES has worked with customers to integrate energy storage into eight different power markets and AES’ energy storage solutions represent the world’s largest advanced energy storage fleet, with 166 MW of interconnected energy storage, equivalent to 332 MW of energy resource, in operation and three million megawatt-hours of delivered service. AES has announced construction or late stage development of an additional 269 MW of energy storage, equivalent to 539 MW of energy resource.

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