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Our Partners

At AES, we prioritise sustainable partnerships, community engagement and longer-term initiatives. Some of our partnerships go back many years and some are just now being developed to meet a specific need or opportunity in our local areas.

By developing and effectively implementing sustainable programmes and initiatives, AES develops longer-term relationships with local communities, which in turn ensures a stable operating environment for our businesses and a genuine two way relationship between the company and the people who host our generation businesses.

Areas of focus

Our CSR Temple outlines our strategic priority areas for 2015-2018.

Selecting CSR Partners

AES people drive the identification and selection of CSR partners, but we also accept applications for partnership working.

For more information please refer to our CSR Strategy.

AES and Age NI

Age NI is the leading charity for older people in Northern Ireland. AES and Age NI have worked in partnership to make a positive impact in the lives of older people in the communities around our power plants in Northern Ireland.

In 2012 AES provided funding to enable the freephone Age NI Advice Service to run for additional hours providing support to older people, their families and carers. We also started an annual Christmas lunch for older people who would otherwise be alone at this time of year and a series of intergenerational community events including barbeques, with many AES employees volunteering their time to help.

In 2013 we worked together to identify ways to roll out a new Advice Team to identify unclaimed benefits owed to pensioners in our local communities. AES seed funding for this service is expected to catalyse £1million ($1.5million) in additional funds over the next decade. The success of this initiative, led AES to commit another year of funding for the service in 2015/16.