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Financial Excellence

Financial performance is the foundation for all we are able to accomplish as a company. As a Fortune 500 global leader in our industry, we strive to attract capital, talented people and business partners. Our focus on financial excellence and our ability to implement sustainable investment structures have enabled us to manage our risks effectively for more than 30 years.

We manage our financial performance in line with our corporate strategy, which is set by our CEO and Executive Leadership Team and approved by our Board of Directors. Strategic priorities guide our economic activity and are designed to ensure the company’s economic sustainability.

Our Strategic Business Units (SBUs) are responsible for the execution of our strategy and the financial results in their markets. Our financial results are due to our operational excellence, safety programmes, risk management approach and ethical and effective conduct by our people at all of our businesses.

In accordance with our strategic priorities, we:

  • Operate our portfolio of generation and utility businesses to create value for our stakeholders;
  • Drive our operating businesses to generate capital for deployment into growth investments, debt repayment and shareholder dividends;
  • Focus growth investments on platform expansions in markets where we have a competitive advantage and exit markets where we do not; and
  • Enhance the stability of cash flow and earnings from our businesses through contractual, regulatory and hedging activities.