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Operational Excellence

Across all of our businesses, we strive for operational excellence. Our definition of operational excellence includes not only supplying reliable, affordable power and ensuring our plants are available to run as much of the time as possible — but also managing physical and cyber security, business resilience, public safety and environmental performance.

Our energy and infrastructure solutions are designed to meet current energy needs as well as meet the changing energy needs of the future. We provide affordable and reliable energy through our thermal power generation facilities, and our power and energy storage arrays.

With more than 24 years of experience in the UK electricity industry, our diverse mix of generation sources gives us the strength and flexibility to adapt to local and regional market needs, maximise plant efficiency and deliver reliable, affordable electricity. We have global experience with a wide array of different technologies, and actively look for ways to diversify the energy matrix and reduce dependency on specific types of fuel sources in this market.

Our management systems provide training to support better performance as well as a uniform system of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for all of our businesses, which are tracked on a monthly basis.

Our businesses around the world are continually recognised for their operational excellence. AES is the first and only company to be recognised with four Edison Electric Institute awards within a seven year timespan.